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For high level coding needs

“Many people claim they are bot masters, that they can code in Many Chat, connect APIs etc. but few are.
Paul de Lange is the real deal….”

Become a BotNinja with this 'Easy to Understand' API course

If I can do it, so can you! Learn the basics in API connecting and build your own useful integrations for your chatbot. Real life samples are included in the way we use these API calls ourselves, which makes it easy to understand. All code is ready to be copy-pasted into your own projects!

ManyChat Educator
Paul de Lange — ManyChat Educator

Each API is explained with code samples, ready to copy-paste into your own project

No need to do that anymore, once you learn how to implement your own connections!

Offer integrations next to your basic bot building by increasing your botbuilding skills

Have you noticed the ManyChat Appstore?

Learn how to use the ManyChat API and create your own integrations. Offer them in the ManyChat Appstore and earn back your developent investments.

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Need All Scripts In 1 Package?

Members of the course can buy the PHP scripts Package used in the course at 75% OFF the regular price.

No need to Copy-Paste and Organize your Scripts, just get All scripts and use as a reference when needed. 

Simply re-use these for every project, it will save you many hours of future work.

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Paul the BEST API resources for Manychat Chatbot builders!!! So many well developed API's available including chatbot templates. I built chatbots to use with FB ads for my clients. My clients love the integrations we can do with all of these API that Bot Prophet has to offer. SIMPLE, WORK, RELIABLE and very interactive. Paul is an awesome guy who goes out of his way to help - I am a Bot Prophet FAN for life!!! THANK YOU!
Many people claim they are bot masters, that they can code in Many Chat, connect APIs etc. but few are. Paul de Lange is the real deal. He helped me connect ManyChat to a webinar system, scheduling appointments and with full integration to my email follow ups and more. Very pleased with his work and I always look to him first when I have high-level coding needs in ManyChat.

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