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What is in this ManyChat API Course

ManyChat gives you a long list of available API calls that you can use in your projects. But, what do they do and how do you use those?

Although there is ‘some’ information about this, you can not find any good tutorial with REAL samples anywhere. As the owner of platforms like: Vouchermetrics, BotProphet, WooBotify and reChatPro, we have dealth with all these API calls and know exactly how you can use them in your projects.

Students of our previous course had one shared question: “How to use the API in my project?” That is the reason we rewrote and upgraded our course into this smaller-course platform, where we will hand you bite-sized section of the API and what each specific one can do for you.

Are you ready to take your, or your client’s projects to the next level?

The APIs we will cover for you are:

  • Page Based APIs
  • Content Based APIs
  • Subscriber Based APIs
  • Template API

Stop relying on third party integrations and start saving money by building your own!

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